Monday, 11 July 2016

A busy weekend.

Well it was all go in this house over the weekend. Tony and I both found time to play.
During the week I had gotten my Christmas Story quilt all finished and the binding on, all I had to do was close it. That was done yesterday.
Of course I did change a few things.
In places I used fussy cut pieces rather than lots of hand stitching.
I also made use of buttons and pretty accessories in place of hand stitching.
I had fun making my changes.
I personalised the gift tags.

Some of the images are a little blurry, sorry, I was taking quick shots using my notebook.
And a 
And of course, a quick peep at the new start I mentioned yesterday!
This is block one, of Spring Sprouts.
I'm loving the pre cut pieces. As I have mentioned in response to some comments, no way could I cut neat circles, even with a template..
Block two will be happening today.
I mentioned that both Tony and I spent time on our crafty pursuits yesterday.
Here is a peep into his world.
First and foremost. A comfy place to rest for the furry visitor, along with a box and piece of paper for her amusement!
She was feeling camera shy and took off when I appeared, but she was on the chair, for a while.
Tonys chair is not quite so comfy.
He is making a fine scale model of an aircraft. I'm not sure what kind, but it is taking quite a long time. And what are my kitchen scissors doing in there? 
I gave him my old cutting mat. (I needed a new one anyway, well that's my story....)
I'll try to get progress pics for another time. But you can see current progress, just in front and to the left of my white kitchen scissors. I must go reclaim them. It's very small isn't it? 
I wonder what is taking so long?


Janice said...

Well done on your finish. It looks great and done in loads of time for Christmas. How is Deb's going? It is the perfect weather for you both to be playing.

pollyanna said...

Your Christmas quilt is delightful! So glad you got it finished. Love the details and embellishments :)

Jenny said...

Your Christmas quilt looks wonderful - congratulations! And starting on a new project is always exciting, I think.