Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Yet another tidy up!

Why is it our craft rooms and areas turn into dumping grounds?
It seems that I am forever having to tidy up, so that I can sit and sew!
On Sunday I hoped to sew, I was looking forward to getting on with block 4 of Spring Sprouts.
But my work space was cluttered again.
Up stepped Tony and kept a promise that has been waiting for a while.
I finally have a shelf above my work table. It's great for getting boxes and jars of tools up out of the way, along with tins and pencil cases, and other necessary items, that must be kept handy, but clutter the space.
Much better.
Thank you Tony.
The clutter had even extended to the top of the quilting frame.
I tidied that up too.
Though I did leave a partially quilted quilt there for Belle to sleep on.
If I leave a cat bed there, or a completed piece especially made for her, she refuses to use it!!
Only an in progress item will do.
No sewing was done on Sunday.
Then on Monday, while I was working an extra shift, a man in a van tried to deliver a package for me.
Tony works just around the corner from the depot!
By the time he had finished work, it was back at the depot and he was able to collect it on my behalf.
A whole roll of batting!!
Now I just need to find the space to unroll it all and re roll it onto the frame.
The sitting room might just be wide enough.
Guess what Tony will be helping me with next weekend?
Right, most of my chores are done, just one or two more, then I get to play.
Have a happy day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee wow your sewing room is looking fantastic ,lucky hubby could pick your parcel up for you,have fun with your quilting machine,hope your day is a good one my friend xx

Janice said...

Looking good. The shelves look perfect there. Do you want to come and sort mine out? Have fun with all that batting. It should keep you quiet for a little while.

Diane-crewe said...

SO much easier to be tidy when you have shelves and cupboards to put "stuff" in and onto xx

Chookyblue...... said...

It's great when everything is organised......

nancy Murphy said...

Your sewing room looks great. I've just retired and am looking forward to spending lots of time in mine. Unfortunately it is a mess right now, but I'm going thru all those unfinished projects now to see which ones I no longer love. The unloved will be passed on to quilting friends. What brand is your quilting frame? I curently have a older Grace wooden frame for machine quilting and am looking for something a little more sturdy. I only do machine quilting on my own tops. I'm not very good at it hope to improve with practice. Thank goodness my family is just happy to receive them. Thanks for any info
on your frame.