Wednesday, 3 May 2017

I think he likes it!

M'boy finally came to see me and to meet his new quilt. I think he likes it.
We all know the cat likes it!!
Progress has continued slowly since Sundays marathon sewing effort.
I had fun in the sun on Monday laying out batik pieces and deciding what colour to put where.
Before starting the next cutting process.
I now have a bunch of pieces with pretty corner triangles all waiting to be joined into rows.
maybe I'll do that tomorrow.


Maria said...

Love your Son's quilt and I'm sure he does too.
Nice new project...

AnnieO said...

Your boy is a young man now! The quilt looks terrific, as does the new one forming on the floor! Well done, have fun.

julieQ said...

What an amazing quilt...of course he loves it!! I really have enjoyed watching your applique come to life!

Janice said...

Of course he would like it. Was there ever any doubt? I'm looking forward to seeing your next project progress. The colours are beautiful.

Raewyn said...

How exciting that he has it and loves it - it definiteley will have very special meaning for him! Your sprouts quilt is going to be so pretty - I love those colours :-)