Thursday, 11 May 2017

Not Two, but Three Finishes!

But only two of them are mine!
Remember on Monday I said that another sew along had taken place over the weekend, but I had no pictures from Claire?
Well here it is. I gather that this one has been a wip for a wee while.
Finished at last. It was made using the 'x block' ruler.
Oh boy! Those colours really POP on the black background.
All the off cuts from making the angled cuts went into the binding. Claire hates to waste anything and will use up even the tiniest of scraps.
With some encouragement (Nagging) Claire even made a quilt label using the alphabet function on her sewing machine. Doesn't it look great?
So, onto my efforts for the last couple of days!
Spring Sprouts is now a complete top.
I just need to settle on a quilt design and get it onto the frame.
Beautifully bombed by Belle!!
For those who need to know, this is a batik applique quilt kit from Laundry Basket Quilts and the colours are much stronger and prettier in real life. I took this photo at night with daylight lamps and a forced flash!
(It's pinned onto a previously finished quilt that is hanging in my hall as I don't have room for a design wall. So the animal prints are not part of it! LOL).
My next and very quick finish is a Kiwiana kit I picked up a few weeks ago on a trip to Geraldine. I was a little disappointed with the fabrics supplied in the kit and swapped some of them out.
Again, not the best picture as it was also taken at night. 
I'm delighted with how quickly this one went together. So another one ready for quilting.
I have several ideas for new projects and one or two that I should perhaps revisit.


julieQ said...

I have been watching your Laundry basket blooms come together, and I have to say, it is just wonderful!! Love, love, love it!

Maria said...

WOW! Claire's quilt suredoes POP.... nice finish.
Well done Lou with your two beautiful finishes....

Raewyn said...

You are really zooming along at the moment! Well done on the two flimsy finishes! You did have me fooled for a bit there with the Spring Sprouts hanging on top of another quilt! Well done to Claire as well, her finish really pops, those colours on the black sure are effective!