Saturday, 5 August 2017

Another rescue.

Well two rescues really. But more about those in a moment.
It's Debbies birthday tomorrow and I gifted this wee wall hanger to her.
 She actually gave me the cross stitch kit a couple of years ago. She had started it, but didn't really enjoy stitching and thought that I would. Well, I finished it a while ago and today got stuck in and made it into a quilted wall hanger.
Debbie was delighted.
Happy Birthday my friend.
Now onto the rescues.
This first item is another cross stitch piece I stitched way back in the 90s! 
I had made it for my daughter Kaiy. And had put it into a £1 /$1 store frame.
I'm really not sure how she ended up back in my possession, but as we were preparing to leave GB I came across her. The cheap frame was falling apart, so I finished the job and tucked the stitching away into my portfolio. In time she was moved and hung in the cupboard with some other finished pieces. When I went in to get Debbies roses today, she asked to come out too.
 So out she came and was finished off, in much better style than last time.
I have mounted her onto a piece of thick card, covered in batting and backed her with a piece of fabric covered card. Then popped on a pretty coordinating trim and that beautiful bow, which I assure you looks much better in real life.
I think she will probably go back to Kaiy at some point. But I will enjoy her company for a while first.
My second rescue came from the op shop.
Tony wanted to call in to look for something, so I tagged along too.
You just never know......
I found a grocery bag about half filled with fabric scraps and I could also see a quilt block.
$2? Yes please.
There are lots of scraps here.
Some larger pieces, some only tiny.
 And more than one ready made quilt block.
 Someone has been busy.
 I wonder what they were for?
Are they left over from one quilt?
Or several?
I love this tiny square. It looks stitched, I was very excited when I spotted it. 
It is a printed piece, but I think the stitched look is pretty and I want to find a lovely way to use such a pretty piece.
So while I ponder what to do with the pansies, I'll adjourn to my throne and stitch on my froggies until dinner time. 
Froggie number one is almost finished, he finally has one eye and will get his second one today.
Then I will have completed page one of the design!
It feels like I finally have company.
And a milestone has been achieved.


Janice said...

What a great way to resurrect the stitcheries. The look really good. Enjoy playing with your new bag of goodies.

Maria said...

Lovely the way you've brought new life into the stitcheries...