Thursday, 14 September 2017

Two more finishes

My bitty rows quilt is just about done, I quilted it on my frame on Wednesday with a lose meander and included a few hearts in there too. The back does show some tension issues, but on the whole I'm really happy with it.
It just needs a hanging sleeve or tabs and it can take it's turn hanging in the hallway of our home.
Many of those bitty little scraps have memories of previous quilts.
Do you remember a couple of posts ago I showed this piece? It wasn't square, but I couldn't find another piece of chocolate fabric.  Well eventually another piece came to the surface in the scrap bin and I was able to get a slightly too skinny wedge to add to the end.
 It is still not square! The above image in an illusion. LOL
But I'm happy with it. It makes a great mat for my sewing machine, which I push away and pull toward me all the time. 
My old machine was quite light and easy to move. The skyline is a bigger girl and takes a bit more effort to move, so a wee mat is just perfect. Now she slides easily back and forward.
What to do next?
Watch this space.


Jenny said...

Love your itty bitty quilt but couldn't see myself making such tiny blocks. But as you say, there are lots of special memories in this quilt, so it is very special to you indeed.

Maria said...

You Bitty quilt will look fabulous hanging in the hall.
The Chocolate Mat is perfect size for under the machine...

Chookyblue...... said...

Great to see your row quilt finished.....

Janice said...

Looking good!