Sunday, 25 February 2018

All in a bind

I've finished the binding on not one. but two quilts this week. The first to be completed was the kiwi I spy, I used a black on black, with a silver fern design, and I think it looks perfect. I'm very happy with the way this one has finished.
Next I tackled the batik table cover. I went digging in my batik collection and came out with this piece. It's not actually a batik, but it seemed right.
It was the first and only fabric I auditioned for the role
And I believe it works beautifully.
Another very happy finish.
I recently showed the start I had made using some charm squares.
I've made a little more progress, but now it's stalled.
The instructions said to cut the charms down to 2x5 inch pieces. Not happening!!  What am I going to do with all those tiny strips of fabric? I just went with 2.5 x 5 inch pieces, which of course means I'll need more back ground fabric as everything is a little bigger!! Claire and I are off shopping tomorrow. Debbie is visiting with her daughter in Wellington and has done a little fabric shopping of her own.
There has been some exciting goings on out in our garden, but I'll save those for another time.


Chookyblue...... said...

Come bind for me I have 4 to attach and one to sew down already...... You did great......

Maria said...

Well done and I like the project you are working on.
I would also have just cut the charm squares in half.
Enjoy your shopping day with Claire...

Janice said...

Two lovely finishes. Don't you love it when you have the perfect fabric already in stash. Good luck getting your extra fabric for the Lynette Anderson quilt. I agree, why cut off that little bit of fabric and waste it? And, it is a good excuse for a day out.

Karen S said...

Well done with both finishes. Sometimes the fabric for the binding can be just as tricky as the main part of the quilt.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Loulee,well done my friend xx