Sunday 4 February 2018

I sewed!!

Yesterday was a good day. I returned to my sewing room, not just for a quick visit to collect yarn or swap knitting needles, I actually stayed in there for almost the whole day.
And I sewed. I'd gone to bed the night before with my mews whispering away about a new kit I have ordered from Craftsy.  I decided that I needed to get something finished.
So out came the box of blocks for the batik chain quilt I've had going for a few years.
It gets it's first mention here on my blog, way back in August 2013.
I made all the blocks, before having to pack it away for the long trip to NZ. I remember messing about with it shortly after it arrived here in 2014 then putting it away again.
It gets it's next mention back in September last year. It has hung where you see it in that post ever since!
Yesterday it would seem was THE day. I finally have a finished top.
I can't say when it will get quilted though. LOL
It really didn't take too long to get that done, so I moved onto the next one.
I've had a 30s charm pack and jelly roll stashed away with a pattern for quite some time.
 I bought jelly roll in an effort to use up the charm pack, yesterday was the turn of the jelly roll and it got the chop. The charm pack is still whole and unused! LOL
 I cut and sewed. and played the block swap game.
 Then sewed some more. I go it finished just in time to go out to Debbies to watch rugby.
Needless to say I was very happy with myself.
Though this morning I can see a mistake which I will have to fix today.
Can you see it?
While we are on the subject of finishes, I finished another wee sweater for my expected Grandson.
In my basket now is another crochet project, just using up some leftovers and scraps of yarn I found in op shops.
In my sewing room I had a quick look through my project boxes before I went out last night, I didn't make any decisions though. Time for another look methinks. I still have to do something with that charm pack!
In garden news, a quick visit to the green house yesterday yielded loads of fruit and a look in the courgette patch on the way back to the house tells me I need to get my preserving pan out again some time very soon.
Thank you to everyone who has commented recently. It's nice to know I still have readers after so much time away from blogging.
I apologise for not replying to your comments, I've had a few issues with my outlook and Mr IT didn't get a chance to look into it for me.


Janice said...

You should feel very pleased without yourself after that little lot. They look great.

Jenny said...

Looking great, two quilt tops and a lovely wee jersey!