Wednesday, 14 February 2018

No veggies were harmed....

During the quilting of this quilt!

So I played with the kiwi eye spy quilt after blogging on Monday, after a wee bit more shuffling around and I was happy to join all the pieces and in no time at all I had a finished top.
Which I loaded onto the frame and started quilting.
It was all fun and games, until the thread ran out!
And the shop was closed!
So on my way home from work yesterday, I bought more, and now I have a quilted quilt and lots of threads to tidy.
I used my blue water erasable pen to draw lotus flowers in each grey triangle, and left the coloured triangle un quilted.
Can you guess where I'll be today?
Its a good day for it too, very dark and overcast, with rain forecast.
Maybe I'll have another finished quilt by the end of the day.
Or maybe not, as we three girls are getting together later for a st1tch and b1tch after Debbie finishes work. That's getting to be a nice habit, sitting together watching quilty videos on YouTube while we sew and put the world right.


Janice said...

Go you! Make the most of that sewjo while it lasts. A nice cheerful quilt. Have fun with the girls.

Maria said...

A fantastic I Spy and the quilting looks great...
Have a lovely time with the ladies...

Karen S said...

This is a lovely idea for an eye spy quilt using the HSTs.
Beautiful quilting in the solids. That is very effective.

pollyanna said...

What a great quilting idea. It turned out just beautiful. ISpy quilts are so fun and your layout is great.