Friday, 9 February 2018

Three in a row!

Three quilty posts in a row, with only minimal vegetable interruptions!!
I'm on a roll.
Maybe I shouldn't say that. LOL
Lets get todays veggie interruption out of the way first. It is still crafty.
I gifted some of my home made pickles and preserves to a colleague of Tonys, and made a cute wee bag for him to deliver it in. 
 It's not quilted, just a simple reversible baggie, just big enough to hold two jars.
Mr H tells me she loved it and thinks the sun shines outta my bum!!
Image result for smile emoticon
Its nice to be appreciated. LOL
On to something with real quilty content.
I loaded one of my very recent finishes onto my frame the other day and quilted it.
My first ever try at an edge to edge panto. It won't win any prizes, but I'm happy with it! I copied the pattern off one I saw on pinterest.
I'm very pleased with it.
I got the binding onto the quilt last night and plan to close it tonight.
The machine has been lifted off the frame and after I give it a good clean I'll get on with the next one.
And finally......
The postman called yesterday.
He had a parcel, all the way from America.
Inside the huge box was a quilt kit I have coveted for a long time.
Well in January I got an email saying that Craftsy were having a sale on quilt kits.
In the kit is everything I need to make an 86x86 quilt top and binding.
It's called Moonglow and was designed by Jinney Beyer.
And because it was originally a BOM programme designed as a confidence builder, there is also a huge instruction manual explaining several different piecing techniques for those beautiful stars and compasses.
This photo really doesn't do the fabrics any justice. They are sew beautiful. Black, greens, blues, violets teals, aqua. Drool!
Just my colours.
All for NZ$250
I'm excited.
I'll need to purchase some extra fabric to add a final border, to make it king size.
I want to use this beauty on our bed.
But, you know me. Before I let myself start this, there are other things that must be done first. I have two more smaller quilts to make, which will be four to be quilted and a wee angel cross stitch to complete, then I can start!!
That doesn't stop me from having a read through the book though.
Or dreaming.
Or stroking the fabrics.
Hmm, the less time I spend on the laptop.........


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee wow what a great idea for putting your jars of goodies in ,this makes a lovely gift.
Oh wow you are going to enjoy putting this lovely quilt together xx

Chookyblue...... said...

way to go.........I need to get into quilting........seriously...........

Ali Honey said...

Drool drool...that's from me. Lovely colours.
Good buying I'd say.
Hey and great work with the quilting!