Tuesday, 20 February 2018

What do you do, when you just can't sleep?

Quilt! Of course.
Remember the batik chain top that I finished recently?
Well yesterday, it got another chance to shine. But first the inspector had to give it a thorough looking at.
There was something there which caught her eye, and something else there!
 It seemed to take several goes before she was ready to move onto the next bit!
 Bloody menace!
 I was eventually able to spread it out fully and trim the big piece of flannelette to a better size.
Then onto the frame it went. Look, the inspector has worn herself out and gone to sleep!!
 As this piece will be used as a table cover I wanted to keep the quilting to a minimum, so opted for some simple wavy lines with an occasional loop-dy-loop.
 Then I got adventurous and popped in some flutterbys.
 Or maybe they are leaves?
I had about two thirds of this quilted before I stopped to cook dinner last night and didn't go back to it until stupid o'clock this morning! 
This is where the title of this post starts to make sense.
I woke at 2 am and just couldn't get back to sleep, so up I got and finished off the quilting.
Of course, once I was finished and took it off the frame, her ladyship came along, just to have another looksee.
There are a few threads to bury, then I need to find a binding for this beauty.
NZ is being poured upon, by the still nasty remains of cyclone Gita. And we're told it will get a lot worse overnight and tomorrow with not only more rain but also some very powerful winds. I may just get my grocery chores done in town this afternoon, so I can hide away indoors and sew all day tomorrow.


Janice said...

It has turned out so well. You and that naughty kitten of your should be very pleased with it. I hope you can stay hunkered down from the weather and that it doesn't affect you too badly.

Maria said...

You sure are on a roll , quilting at 2am .. I must admit I am often up till 1 am sewing ...
Lovely table cover and also nice projects you've worked on in the previous post.....

Jenny said...

It's a hard job being a quit inspector - no wonder she needed a little nap! The quilt looks great.

Karen S said...

They say you should get up and do something for a while if you can't sleep, but I think you have taken it to a new level.
Well done on finishing the quilting and making it look great.
Hope you have survived the storm okay. We have seen reports of the landslips in some areas. I agree with staying put at home.

pollyanna said...

It's lovely! And I have a cat and a pup who need to inspect and approve. It happens with a full quilt or a simple block. Crazy world :)

Diane-crewe said...

seems like a good way to spend some time x lol .. and we all need an inspector on the job!!