Sunday, 16 September 2018

Big day yesterday.

I spent the entire day quilting...
But first.
Remember the bunting fabric I showed in my last post?. It didn't have to wait long.
I had fun putting it together. It's all ready to be sent to the Isle of Man.
I want to make more now, maybe a pretty girly version.
I have plenty of rose fabrics left over from my Carpenters Wheel quilt top, perhaps I could use some of those.
Speaking of the carpenters Wheel. I quilted it at last.
Not a very good picture, sorry. I took it last night using the flash.
I spent about 5 hours on Wednesday and 7 hours yesterday doing some custom quilting.
I have worked in only the white areas of the quilt and learned a lot as I was doing it.
Custom quilting creates lots of thread ends to bury!
Pebbles are a great filler but they take a long time and use loads of thread.
They don't all have to be the same size, nor do they need to be perfect circles. And it's perfectly acceptable to go back over a line of stitching in order break out of a corner you quilted yourself into. LOL
Flowers are much faster and easier and they were much more fun.
 I had fun quilting this one and I'm itching to load another top onto the frame so that I can have more fun.
And while I was busy inside, the bees were even busier at the cherry tree outside
Look what is right outside the studio window. 
The final thing I learned yesterday is that installing outdoor speakers takes a lot longer than the men say it will!!
It will be nice to have music while we work in the garden though.


Karen S said...

The bunting is delightful. That will brighten up a room.
Great work on your star, too. Lovely work with the quilting.
The cherry tree looks beautiful.

Janice said...

Your quilting is looking great. I have tried pebbles but just on my machine, not a frame, which would make it much easier. Do you use a panto for your flowers, or are they free hand? The bunting has turned out beautifully.