Wednesday 17 August 2011


It would seem that a visit to the quilt festival was what I needed to get my creativity back on track. Over the last few days I've spent a little time up in my den having a tidy up and a sort out. Just look at all the projects that are waiting for me.
I even managed to get in a little quilting yesterday. This is the project from the top of the pile. 'Charming Stars' by Moda Bake Shop. If you remember, I'm doing this one, 'quilt as you go'.

But I stalled when it came time to find the right fabric for sashing. Well I think I've done that now and I'm on my way again.
Thanks to all who commented on my last post about the festival.


Janice said...

It looks like we have now both started to get our sewjo back. I started a table runner on the weekend. I'm sure you will have some finishes before me though.

AnnieO said...

Glad to hear your creative urges have been sparked again. It is inspiring to see beautiful work.

I like Janice's term, sewjo! Great new word :)

Jenny said...

Only 8? Or are there more hiding somewhere that you haven't shown us?

I only talk about the projects which live around my sewing machine - not all the others hidden away.

Happy stitching


black bear cabin said... are awfully organized there with all of your ufo's labeled and boxed! all of mine are shoved into one big box/bag :)
ive always wanted to try a quilt as you go, but somehow i cant seem to wrap my brain around it....let me know how it works out for ya :)
Hope all is well with you~

QuiltSue said...

I've never tried dsoing QAYG, and have wondered if it actually saves time since you have to join everything at some point.