Friday 29 December 2017

My poor neglected blog.

I hope you all had a good Christmas. We certainly did. 
It was very busy but fun. 
We have been very busy over the last few months and my blog has been very neglected.
I'm so sorry.
So what was I busy with? The garden of course and lots of secret stitching.
I'd better do a bit of a catch up.
But first, look what my lovely son Joe made me for Christmas.
What a beautiful bench. He worked very hard and got it finished just in time. The thick layer of varnish he put on it is still curing. It sits beautifully into that shady little corner.
The garden is growing well and I'm freezing loads, because we just can't eat enough veg to keep up.
I'll look into doing a picture update for that soon.
First the crafty stuff.
I made ornaments for a few friends and family members this year, some I showed way back in August. You have to scroll down to see them.
 Some more recent finishes are this kitty,
And this cute wee doggy for two special friends
And I finished this beautiful cherub for my own tree. I plan to stitch her sister in a green robe, before returning to stitching my Spring Queen.
Claire and Debbie made beautiful ornaments for me and each other. I'll get photos of them and share soon. LOL I really am out of practice, my camera was always near at hand but seems to be hiding at the moment.
Last but not least, and in this photo, not properly finished my Christmas gift to my lovely pal Janice and her husband Mick. As many of you know, Janice and I met when she visited me on my home island, the Isle of Man, we have been good friends ever since, so when I saw this cross stitch design in a magazine I knew I had to stitch it for them.
I even found some Manx legs fabric to finish it. And I assure you, it is on a wee quilt frame and looking good in Janice's home. You can see it here on her blog.
Right, the beetroots I roasted will be cool enough to handle now, time to peel them and get them into the freezer as I already have a huge bowl in the fridge.

I wish you all a happy and safe 2018.


Jenny said...

So glad you are blogging again, it's been a while!

Chookyblue...... said...

Your cross stitch for janice is beautiful and just prefect with their love of the isle.....St

AnnieO said...

Happy Christmas, Lou! Glad to know your time away from the blog was spent enjoying life. You made beautiful ornaments. How nice to get a handmade bench for your garden. Good on Joe! Happy New Year!

Diane-crewe said...

sounds as if you were having fun .. so no worries x Beautiful work on the table .. clever boy x

Janice said...

We were so thrilled to receive the Isle if Man hanger. So much beautiful work in all your gifts. Isn’t Joe a clever one! I can just see you sitting in the shade with a cuppa and some stitching.

Raewyn said...

You've made some gorgeous gifts for your family and friends and the bench from your son is beautiful...lucky you! Happy New Year!