Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A few changes.

As you can see I sat last night and played! I found the wonderful background at squidfingers, I fell in love as soon a I saw it and knew it would be perfect. My Hunny helped me to find the right place in the template code and to make the necessary changes. The panoramic picture I've used as a header is one Hunny and I made two years ago, it shows almost the whole North of our island. Ramsey and the North are said to have more Sunshine that the South of the island. I took the changed title from this song.

TWAS once I loved a lass,
I swore I loved her true.
And that I did so long as we
Held Ramsey still in view.
And that I did so long as we
Held Ramsey still in view.

Ramsey Town, 0 Ramsey Town,
Shining by the sea.
Here's a health to my true love,
Wheresoe'er she be.

Her hair was like the gold,
Her eyes, like cloud, were grey.
We sailed for the blazing South
All on a summer's day. - Chorus.

There are more verses butI can't remember them just now! I haven't had occasion to sing it since I was about 7 and haven't heard it sung for almost as many years, soI think I did ok.
Ramsey certainly lived up to the myth yesterday, here I had open windows and sunshine all day while I stitched, while my Hunny at work 16 miles South of here in Douglas had a dark miserable day under threatening rain clouds.

Speaking of stitching, inspite of some interruptions I got quite a lot done yesterday, I did a little more of the grass under my friend, then decided it was time to give him a face, I don't think I'll get his whole head completed this week, but I can certainly try. I work a 2-10pm shift today so as my chores are already done, the next 3-4 hours are for stitching. Yay!


Susan said...

Growing up on this side of the pond, I never heard that song. I'll bet it has a great folk tune, too. If it's anything like the pic on your banner, it is a beautiful place!

Welcome to blogging! Your readership will grow, takes time. The best way to make it grow a little faster is to leave comments on other blogs. People tend to visit the blogs of those who do.

Maybe find a cross-stitch webring, or when you get going on the quilting, a quilting webring. That will bring more readers, too.

Gerry said...

Hi there! It's so cool that you commented on my blog. I just found yours yesterday but then the power went out and I didn't make it back to comment.

I really like what you've done with your background. It's wonderful! I will add you to bloglines and check back :-)

Sarah Nopp said...

Welcome to Blogging! I love to read about new places, so will keep chicking in!