Friday, 13 July 2007

Sew much better.

My books have arrived, and my first 8 plates are pieced, except for their centres.

I purchased two books, 'Quick and Colourful Quilts for Beautiful Beds' is, as the name suggests very colourful, there are 14 different patterns and each one has 4-5 different colourways demonstrated. There are 6 pages of tools and techniques, which I'm sure I'll be looking at more than once.

The other book is a little less pleasing to the eye, 'Traditional Patchwork Quilt Patterns. With Plastic Templates.' It has 27 designs to offer, but no colour pictures, only black and white diagrams. I'm sure I'll use it though as I can't help picking it up and wondering how this or that pattern would look done with this or that colour.

After doing a lot of cutting on Wednesday I spent yesterday and this morning piecing together my first 8 plates, I'm back to cutting now, more slices of plate, I've ordered my back ground and backing fabrics as well as some wadding, I'll need all the layers as I plan to quilt block by block, I don't think I'm ready to try quilting a full size quilt just yet. I could have started with some cushions or a small throw, but I'm the kind that jumps in at the deep end! LOL

Thank you for your nice words after my bad day, they are appreciated.

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