Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Cross stitch

As promised I took a photo of my WIP. I'm fairly pleased with what I achieved yesterday.
Before I started I substituted the off white 14 count aida and replaced it with an 18 count Silkweaver solo. I think it's going to look much better on that. As you can see I've barely started this project.
It was designed by Carol Bryan and published by Candamar and is entitled 'Endangered Species Collage'. I managed to scan the model image all by myself, with no profanities! And no help from my Hunny. So I'm feeling rather proud of myself. Aren't they so sweet?

Your help would be appreciated here, there is nothing to tell me who all these little critters are, I know all of them, except the little guy at the front, tucked inbetween the two cats, who is he? Could he be a beaver? Are they endangered? How about an otter? He has some pretty fearsome claws on his rear paws and a appears to have a largish tail if thats any help.

I have a whole day off work today, I have done most of my chores already, I still have an errand to run in town and then I plan to spend the rest of the day curled up with my stitching. Time to say goodbye for now and put some music on methinks.
Take care.


Janet said...

Yo...Loulee..holding out on the blog ?

I can't tell for sure, but I will take a stab at him..is the little critter a Koala?

Gina E. said...

LOL Janet, that is NOT a koala!! I think it looks like a toy, in the midst of all the baby animals, but I guess it probably is supposed to be a real animal of some sort.
Loulee, I think this will look utterly fantastic on the 18ct Silkweaver rather than offwhite Aida - great choice!

angelstar said...

Hey Loulee. It looks great. I agree with Janet. But the little critter looks so cute and so does the whole project. Keep up the great work.


Julia said...

No, Not a koala, but it's cute anyway...lovely!
And your blog is looking great!!