Wednesday, 11 July 2007

What counts as Stash?

My understanding of the term stash means to buy fabrics just because we like them, we may have a plan to use them, we may even manage to use them. (Though it may be in a few years time!) but basically we buy them, because we can and because they are there!
The fabrics I ordered arrived today, but I'm not sure that they are stash, I plan to use them up, very soon and, in the next few days rather than the beginnings of a vast and colourful stash, I'll have the beginnings of a scrap box, the first few pieces towards my first scrappy quilt!
Does the scrap box still count as stash?
I've dreamed and daydreamed about this quilt I plan to make for about a week now, finally my fabric is here. I can fondle it, wash and iron it, and very soon I can start cutting. I suppose I should take pictures too, then any expert stumbling in here can cast a learned eye over my choices. Which means that very soon I'll have to learn how to post a picture. So much nicer than links.

I've been looking in on a few more blogs lately, looking about and gaining inspiration and hoping to spot helpful hints and advice. I have to say, inspiration is plentiful thank you.

To those of you who took the time to pop in and say hello and offer words of encouragement. Thank you also.


Patti said...

Found you through your comment on my blog - welcome to the world of quilty blogging! You will love it here.

I certainly count my scraps as part of my stash. I have enough scraps to make at least a dozen or more quilts without even touching my big pieces of fabric. I love scrappy quilts and most of what I make qualifies as scrappy. Yes, my scraps are most definitely part of my stash.

Pat Winter said...

Oh yes, scraps are stash....if not,I would be lost. Crazy quilter's use the tiniest pieces sometimes. It gets embarrassing explaining why I need quarter yards of 30 fabrics when I go to Vogue, but I am getting used to it. Little do they know a quarter yard for a crazy quilter is like 5 yards to traditional quilter!
Have fun with your new fabrics!!!!

Oh yes, thanks for the comment on my Art Bra. The top pic is the back of the CQ bra.I just used a dark purple lace appliqué.