Monday, 8 October 2007

Like Mother, like Daughter.

Have I mentioned my 19 year old daughter? She's an art student, and don't I know it!
She has just started her 4th year at the islands technical college. She is a great little artist and I love it when she draws or paints 'real' pictures for me. But since starting at the college these have become fewer and fewer as her tutors encourage her to explore other mediums and disciplines. Now her work seems to involve any manner of strange and wonderful objects, we had half a forest floor in one piece, her fingers seem to be permenantly stained with black ink and at the end of each year as we sort out her portfolio in order to decide what should be kept and what could go I find everything from tiny colourful scraps of paper to huge great collages and oil paintings. Last years final spectacular went straight into the bin, she hated it herself, said that she felt her tutor had pushed her away from what she wanted to do.
So, this years project? Synaesthesia.
Did you ever close your eyes when listening to a piece of music, or the sounds of the world around you? What did you see? For me certain pieces of music trigger fantastic light shows, I see wonderful rich warm colours in billowing velvet curtains. Nature does it for me too, birds singing and trilling away create odd dots and splashes of bright colours, while harsher sounding birds like rooks and crows create jagged cartoon lightening streaks. This linking of two senses is called Synaethesia. My DD shares the same ability. Her project involves trying to put the images and colours onto paper. No easy task.
While searching for victims to listen to her selection of music, (Actually it wasn't that bad) she became disheartened, not because people couldn't see anything, but because people just couldn't be botherd helping her, not even the other art students! In the end she managed to round up enough of us to get a few results for comparison. Obviously trying to convert my words into an image won't work. She has to make images from her own synaethesia.
The first couple of weeks back at college she got busy with paints and the printer, her fingers have gone black again and a multitude of very colourful three dimentional pieces have appeared to be photographed.
So now she wants feedback! Hunney suggested a blog, great idea, to get it noticed? There are quilty rings, stash buster rings, crazy quilt rings, heck we got loadsa rings! But there are no synaethesia rings! I'm sure there are art rings, but I can't find them!
So folks, PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASE help us out here, go visit my babies blog, be honest, tell her what you think, leave suggestions and ideas. Please visit more than once, the ramblings of a teenage artist are difficult I know, but she would love to have comments and know that her words are being read and her art is being seen. LOL And unlike me, she has pictures! Cause she had the camera all weekend!


Ali Honey said...

Hi, I have just dropped by your daughter's blog. I will follow it with interest.

I am a real ( bright ) colour person so think what you can see, ( and I can't ) is amazing!

Cheers from the Southern Hemisphere; - Ali in NZ.

Ali Honey said...

Hi a second time. I have just been taking the link from your side bar and reading about Ramsey. It mentions ship building. One of my ancestors travelled to New zealand on the Euterpe ( Star of India )in 1874. I know about where the ship is now in San Diego but didn't know it was built therein Ramsey. Thanks! Ali.

angelstar said...

I saw your DD's blog. It's looking great. Hope she keeps it up.