Saturday 27 October 2007

My Sisters quilt.

As I mentioned the other day, my sister Moya has been busy again. She has opted to put a fleece backing onto her scrappy quilt. She has started to quilt it by hand! With a contrasting yellow thread she is working two rows of running stitches in the straight up and down seams and the left to right seams of her pin wheels.

So only alternate blocks are quilted. I thought at first she had used far too much fleece, but she says she wants to add a border and may use any remaining fleece to self bind. I'm not sure I'd like to go about things in that way but, it looks ok so far so I'll say nothing. Did I mention she choose a really bright fleece.

I must admit, it is cute, and certainly rivals the flowers I choose when it comes to cheerfulness.
What am I doing? Well, nothing to be honest, I still haven't done last months scrappy block of the month and this months is due. I have some Katies choice blocks all cut waiting to be pieced. LOL And I have the other half of the pink creation waiting to be turned into another turning nine! I set out to do a twenty remember? Then realised how big it was going to be and changed my mind, after cutting of course. Never mind lesson learned I hope.
The other day while hunting through the charity shops here in town, Searching for buttons, I came across yards and yards of a pretty Laura Ashley fabric. It was too good an offer to miss £2.00 for about 5 meters of the stuff. I thought at first it would do as a backing fabric but since then I've decided I'll use it to make a Cathederal window quilt similar to the one Shelina makes here. I'd like to use lots of different colours for the 'fillings' so I'd better get started collecting scraps and maybe a few more charm packs.

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mereth said...

Good buy at the op-shop, I love bargains like that. Your pink quilt turned out beautifully, it reminds me of a flannelette one I made. That was so cuddly and warm and soft, it lives on the back of my lounge chair and I've used it to bits.