Monday, 25 February 2008

Playing with batiks.

Hunney lived up to his name and bought me a Cindys Butterflies kit for Christmas. Last week I pulled it out and started to play. I forgot to take pics until yesterday. Here it is with all the butterflies appliqued in place.
I don't have one of those fancy machines which embroiders, so my stars will be blank. There was more than enough of the batiks to make the whole stars but I thought they may outweigh the butterflies.
There was a little shuffling around after this point.

Hunney came along and looked and suggested one or two moves. It's amazing what another set of eyes will see!
I've started construction now and have the first 4 rows completed. I have the backing pieced and ready to go, the wadding is out of it's packaging and being shifted from pillar to post. I have two days off work and don't have to be in until 3pm on Wednesday. Plenty of time to get it finished, question is, do I quilt as I go, one row at a time, or do I crack on and get the whole top done, then worry about quilting?

Have a great day.


Janet said...

It looks great Loulee!

As far as the quilting goes, which is easiest for you? I am sure either way would be fine.

Teresa said...

Oh those butterflies are just gorgeous!

anne bebbington said...

Butterflies are my VERY favourite thing and these look simply gorgeous against the turquoise background

blackbearcabin said...

Wow...that quilt is gonna be gorgeous! Looks like the Hunney done good! :)

keep quilting!