Sunday 3 February 2008

Pictures at last.

I finally found the elusive cable for the camera, and I've uploaded tons of pics! LOL Don't worry I won't be posting them all at once.

Most important things first. This is how far my latest little creation got before I had to pack up and shift out! The two fabrics on the side there are auditioning for the part of side panels. I think I'm leaning toward the blue flowers, the one farther away from the camera. As always the pic looks very pale.

These next two are just pics of the dozens and dozens of boxes I packed and moved here in the car.

A lot of this stuff is my crafty collection, I was very good and thinned it out a LOT!

It still doesn't have a home here. The chest of drawers I had hoped to use is not big enough, I'm working on Hunney, hopefully I'll get my hands on a merchants chest. Well, I'm aiming high.

These next pics are from our first night here at the new place. They were taken in the new study, as you can see we took care of the important things first.

The Southern Cross and the Silver Fern were the first things to go on the wall. The PC on the desk is 'Deep Thought', Hunneys super computer. My little laptop still lives on the coffee table!

As there had been no heating on here for a few months it was very cool that first night, we had to put the vino on the storage heater to get it upto drinking temperature. The mad woman with the wild mop of hair is me, the grim sleeper below is my DD, typical teenager! See's a camera and pretends to be shy! Mind you, I think Hunney caught her better side. LOL

More pics next time.
Take care.


Featheronawire Sally Bramald said...

I hate that time when you have just moved in and you can;t find anything, nor anywhere to put everything.
I think you're doing really well staying so cheerful,

black bear cabin said...

moving can be so stressful, but it looks like you guys are having fun! :)
its tough having your crafts packed in boxes...i need to be able to get to them at all times :)
May your new home is filled with joy!