Monday, 21 April 2008

Me time.

No, I didn't get any yet, but I'd pay for some.

Work has been hideous, I could go on, for hours at length, but I won't.

I finally got DS1 quilt finished, here's a not very good pic. As soon as I put the last stitch into the binding he took it off me a wore it for the remainder of the weekend.

I snatched it up quick this morning and got a picture, it's a bit scrumpled looking, but at least it's done. The blue sides and red top and bottom were his own idea, as was the bitsy binding. I think it's safe to assume he is delighted with it. Now his lil bruv is looking hopefully at his fabric chioces and wondering how long his will take. I've got news for you pal, yes I have two days off work, but, today I'm going out with Aunty Moya, and tomorrow I have to do some study.

I have my partners name for the 'Another Little Quilt Swap', I've incorporated my ideas with her likes and preferences and I need to go shopping, so Moya and I are off to a real bricks and mortar quilt shop today. While I am there I also need to get some yellowy goldy kinda colour for DS2. After a bit of fabric shopping we'll do lunch then I have an appointment, so we're back home to Ramsey.

I'm off to read some of your blogs before Moya arrives.

Have a great day.


Janet said...

Well done! I love it, and I am so glad to see he does also! Love the pics, keep them coming!

blackbearcabin said...

The quilt looks wonderful, and i love the binding! Good Work!
I had to do a little shopping for my person in the "Another Little Quilt Swap" too...i had hardly any of their favorite color, so a shopping spree was in order....oh darn :)
Have you decided on a pattern yet? I found mine, but i think im gonna have to make two, so that i can keep one :) Hope you and your sister had a fun day shopping!

Tracy said...

Looks great! I love the binding and colors:) Isn't it great to finish something.

I hope your shopping trip went well.

Michelle said...

I think it's a huge compliment that the quilt was put into use so fast that you didn't have time for a picture! It'll be well loved I'm sure! Good job!

Rebel said...

Quilts are supposed to be scrumpled! That's how you know it's been loved.

I think it turned out awesome, and I'm glad DS1 loves it. Good job. =)

Rose Marie said...

Love it ...... your DS has excellent taste and very clever of him to suggest the different borders and binding. What size did this quilt finish up at?