Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ballet quilt. (Take Two)

Remember my sister Moya made this quilt for her daughters ballet class to raffle off and raise funds? It only looks crumpled in this pic, really it's fine.
Well teacher liked it soooo much she promptly claimed it and asked Moya to bill her and make a second quilt!
Here is ballet quilt number two. Made is considerably less time.
She is quilting it as we speak, I just had the stressed out phone call because it's not going according to plan. (OO'er) She tells me she hates cornerstones and wishes she had just a few inches more fabric and she would have mitered her corners! And if she has any more bright ideas I'm to tell her off. (Only she wasn't polite).
Of course I will, what are sisters for?
If she takes any notice of me remains to be seen.
I've done a grand total of zip!! Nil, nowt, nothing quilty.
But I have done a little cross stitch, that was fun.


Karen said...

Both of the quilts your sister has made are just as cute as can be.
Love your sewing machine signature widget.

Miss 376 said...

The quilts are beautiful, must be quite a talented family.

Lurline's Place said...

Hi Loulee,
What fun to have a sister to share all things quilty - her quilts are lovely - great raffle prizes!
Best wishes - Lurline.

Stephanie said...

Love both quilts!