Sunday, 8 June 2008

He stood me up.

The motorcycle races are all over and the bikers are leaving. I love it when they are here, the island feels so alive and vibrant, but must admit to a sigh of relief when they all go home. There are other motorcycle races here on the island, but I'll save those for another day.

I didn't get on as hoped, with the mystery quilt the other day, DS asked me to wait until today, so I did. Now he has stood me up, seems he has something very important to do with his Nana. And I can carry on alone this week. How very nice of him.
He has been helping in Nanas garden, they are going to pick the chilli peppers which are ripe and take them to one of Mums colleagues who will use them up. ( Mother doesn't do chilli, I don't really know why she grew them!). A boy who quilts and likes to help out in Nanas garden? How did I get to be so lucky?

So, I've been getting on with my cross stitch. I got the wolf finished yesterday.

Before I can get on with another creature I want to stitch some more bushes and leaves in behind the wolf and put in the back stitch. For the non cross stitchers out there, the back stitch is just that, a single line of stitches which helps to define certain areas of the work, in this case, his features and also the fluffiness of his tail and where his hind leg is tucked against his body, I can't promise that it will make too much difference on a photo, but in real life it really does help to define the image.

Well I'm off to do step 2 of my mystery, I'll post pics of that soon. Once that is done, I'll be back to wolfie!

Have a great day.


Miss 376 said...

It's looking good. You must have a son like mine, he's 9 and he cross stitches, does needlepoint and knitting. Last week he did he first project with the sewing machine. I don't miss having a daughter after all!

Jeanne said...


Jeanne :)