Wednesday, 4 June 2008

It's growing.

I've not done anything quilty for a few days, but life has not been totally devoid of something stitchy.
I've been working away at my cross stitch and the wolf cub has started to take form. There are a few shades of beige brown in that there little body and I'm going really carefully to make sure there are no mistakes.

The little orange area just at the tip of his tail looks odd, I thought at first I had miss read one the symbol, but that's what it says to use. I may frog it out later, I'll see how it goes once I get more of the grass and pebbles in. Perhaps once I put the back stitch into the ground it will look better.

The magazine with part two of the mystery quilt is due out in two days time, so I should be able to get on with that pretty soon. Linda mentioned in a comment that she hated the mystery quilt she had made and thought I was brave to try one. I've seen many mystery quilts and stitch alongs for cross stitch, some I liked, some I didn't, I've always used the excuse that I may not like the end result as a reason for not taking part, this one however has captured me, in the blurb about the quilt and the reasons for it, the editor mentioned that it was "to take us from summer into autumn" . That's what captured me, just those few words, I love the colours of autumn, reds, golds and rich browns hence my fabric choices, which to me, speak of autumn. The magazine published the fabric yardage and all the instructions in 3 different sizes, I have opted for the smallest size, just in case. If I really really don't like the finished result, I can give it away, someone will love it.

Have a great day.

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Jeanne said...

I'm smiling at your cross stitch project.

You know I'm totally in a not-much-quilting-lots-of-embroidery phase!

I think that little extra orange patch is the end of the tiger's tail coming out from behind the rocks.

Jeanne :)