Friday, 6 June 2008

Now my niece has joined in!

It's school holidays here while the TT (Tourist Trophy) races are on. Traditionally the islands schools close down for half term at this time as there is too much noise and distraction while the bikes race by the schools. My DS1 still had to go in though as the older children have their GCSE (Final exams) at this time.

Yesterday I was visited by Moya and her two girls, Lauren was tickled pink to be visiting and lost no time in pulling out the toys I keep stashed away for such times.

Her big sister Amber had brought along her own quilting to let me have a look.

Isn't she doing a great job? Here all the charms are stitched into strips and ready to stitch together.
We were discussing what to back it with and after a dig through my drawers we found some white with little flowers on, I forgot to take a pic sorry! And her mum said she could use an old fleecy blanket as wadding. Hopefully I'll have a picture of the finished thing soon.

The latest issue of Popular Patchwork arrived on my doorstep today so tomorrow morning before going to work I'll be getting on with part two of my mystery quilt.

Have a great day.


Lynda said...

It's lovely yo see youngsters enthused by quilting! What a great job she (and you) are doing!

anne bebbington said...

I feel very sorry indeed for all those youngsters trying to concentrate on their GCSE exams with the noise of the TT races in the background, but I guess if you live on the IOM you must be used to it

Finn said...

What fun to have company and a new quilter to visit with *VBS* Her rows look very nice indeed, and I'm sure the backing will be perfect...lucky you!! Hugs, Finn