Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Todays results.

I've been having a play about with my Strawberry Lemonade blocks. I have discovered as Lynda suggested that most of my choices won't work as I need an odd number of blocks!! Great planning Loulee! DOH.

Many of you suggested the totally scrappy look and just randomly placing the blocks and John suggested of a sort of zigzag effect which I tried out, and I quite like that, but the longer I look at it, the more changes I make. I warned you, my mind just can't cope with random.

Here and there I see too many blues, or too many strawberries together or two sets of the same HST in a row or column, you get the picture?

I've reshuffled it twice already! Now I'm toying with a new idea for the lay out. This morning while having a root through the fabric and bedding rails in the Hospice shop next door I came accross these two sheets. The perfect shade of blue to use as a back for Strawberry Lemonade.

At this price for two brand new King size flat bed sheets I wasn't going to say no! They are not 100% cotton, but thats ok with me as it was just for the back. This second photo is a truer colour than the first one.

Now however I have other ideas, what if I were to remove a whole row and put in a border between the HSTs and the Bento Boxes, then another around the outside of the whole thing. The reason I suggest removing a row is because my batting is wide enough to accept borders, but sadly not long enough and as it is also from next door it's an odd weight which I can't garuntee to match in order to extend it. I'm off to play some more, I have enough of the blue stuff to make a skirt if I can get the top to just the right size.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm not sure I can offer any suggestions...but I just wanted to say I love the colours together.

Ginger_Curls said...

What about trying the Bento Boxes in the middle? Or maybe just flipping them round so that the square corners are towards the centre rather than on the edge? I like seeing 4 together to make a box, whether they are same colours or random they look lovely. The blue sheet is perfect for the back. Good spot!

Stephanie said...

Oh I really like how you used the Bento Box blocks. Very original and unique!

Julz said...

Hmm I see the dilemma you are contending with Lou - the backing fabric is a perfect find - I think you would loose the random-ness of the blocks and the effects of the colours if you place borders in the quilt. Keep fiddling and swapping the blocks around - the right look will come to you. We of course look forward to seeing your progress :)
Hugs Jx

Janet said...

It looks great to me, but if it still bothers you, maybe just take a blue block here and there, and move them, with out rearranging the whole quilt. The blue being the stronger color, seems to stand out more.

I love that blue for the backing! A very striking color!