Sunday, 6 July 2008

Another One Done.

I did it, I finished 'Strawberry Lemonade With A Large Vodka'. Why a large Vodka? You ask. You'll notice there are no close up shots of the quilting. I assure you I had not been drinking!

Here it is all spread out on my bed, the picture is a bit dark around the edges, there is a skylight directly above the bed which causes the shadows.
I think perhaps it could have done with being about 2-3 inches longer, and I didn't measure for the skirt, just guessed. Can you tell? I did leave of the final border at the very top, so that accounts for the slight shortness.
The binding was a PITA to put on over the skirt, I had thought to put the skirt and the binding on at the same time, but decided against it. I'm glad I decided to go with this design / layout it was a new experience, and I would do it again.
Here you can see how I made the skirt in three pieces so that it would fit around the leg posts at the foot of the bed.

And of course the label. Thanks to Kate and her Another Little Quilt Swap, I've gotten a taste for these hand made labels, much more fun that my ready made ones, I'll have to use those up on other things.
It won't be getting used for a couple of months, it was VERY warm under there last night and this morning as I completed the finishing work by hand.

As I said, I have plenty of blocks, jelly slices, and layer cake slices left, as well as a considerable amount of the blue. I think I'll be making a couple of Pillow slips and calling it quits with this fabric for a while, but I will be revisiting it at some point to make a lap or cot quilt.

So hey ho, here I go, I'll be making pillow slips today.

Hope your weather is better than mine.


Janet said...

It looks great Loulee! I love the color combination!

Stephanie said...

OK, I love your sense of humor. Great label! My philosophy with making quilts is: the first thing that attracts me is the color combo, then the pattern used, and finally the stitching! I love your colors and patterns and can't see the stitching so it's beautiful in my eyes.

Lorraine said...

...looks great...isn't it satisfying to have a 'finish'....well done!

Karol-Ann said...

Well done Loulee! Lucky you to not need a quilt at night. It's been so cold here, I'm sleeping under a duvet and two quilts LOL

Julia said...

the quilt looks great on the bed Loulee.
I love your idea of adding a skirt around the quilt,
Hugs julia

Miss 376 said...

Looks fantastic, know my cats would soon make themselves at home on that