Sunday, 31 August 2008

Spot the difference.

First and foremost, I promised pictures of stash. First up a boring box, but it has bag handles in it, this means I can get on with those pretty flowers and Sunbonnet Sues.

There are some little wooden curtain rings in there too, those are to make pincushions with and a Christmas decoration. Lots of things planned there.
And onto the next package, cross stitch stash, which I really don't need, but it was too good to resist. I love this ice skating Santa.

Moya likes this one, I may give him to her for Christmas. There are beads in this kit, little star shapes to make the garland he is holding.

I really like these kits, they have coloured charts which can be a bit of a pain, but the fabric is pre finished and the bell pull top is supplied, all I have to do is stitch and hunt down a little frufru if I want to add the fussy bits.
On to my own little Christmas kit and the title of this post. Here is how the Winter Village looked when I picked it up yesterday.

And where it had gotten to when I put it away. I'm almost done with the lower part of the scene.

I didn't work exclusively on the cross stitch, I also did a little work on the mystery quilt, but I did something wrong so put it away in a huff. Hopefully I'll get back to it and rescue it, rather that going off it and abandoning it completely.

I'll have to make the most of the stash I have for a while. Some evil bod has been taking funds from our bank account and sending it to Switzerland!! We spotted it yesterday at the online banking site. Hunney was on the case. Our cards have been cancelled. Hunney and I have agreed to open a separate account to use solely for online purchases, it will have nothing in it until we need it to have, then we'll transfer in. I don't know how it can have happened, we're very careful about where we shop, although I did have one suspicious event at the very start of the month and abandoned the transaction, although I deleted my details, maybe someone got something.... The bank is going to investigate and the lovely lady Hunney spoke to says we should get all of our money back. We were very lucky, they took less than £150, it was just payday here, they could have had the lot!! Please, please be careful when shopping online, especially at a new to you place, remember to look for the golden padlock and if possible take precautions such as another account.

Things to be grateful for.

1) Cooler weather, but not more rain!
2) Helpful bank staff.
3) Time to stitch.


Lynda said...

Thanks for the internet warning. What a clever idea to have an account just for on-line purchases - the only snag I can forsee is that all the internet buys will be very easy to spot, rather than scattered amongst the groceries and gas bills. Could be a bit embarrassing!

Julz said...

Hi Lou - love the Santa cross stitches - you have done heaps on the winter village - its always such a good feeling seeing progress on our projects - have a great week. Phew thank goodness for great bank staff - great warning. Hugs Jx

blackbearcabin said...

Glad you caught those bastards (whoever they are) before they got away with too much, and also glad to hear you will be reimbursed!
That kind of stuff infuriates me!

As for those crosstitches...they are adorable! what fun!

Lorraine said...

I do love the Santas!! Lucky you noticed money going is a wake up call for all of us who shop on line to be vigilant!

Anonymous said...

These xmas designs are great, i to love to x-stitch , before i had my blog and webshots album i never photo any of mine , but i do now, been stitching for about 7 years nearly