Saturday, 9 August 2008

This weather really suits my mood.

Well, it's raining cats and dogs here in Ramsey, it's downright miserable!

On a lighter and brighter note! An update on the cross stitch. It's moving along slowly. There are only three critters left to stitch, you can see the beginnings of another kitty cat, a cheetah I think.

The black stripe above the mystery critters head is the beginnings of a Panda and finally there will be a polar bear up there too. Here's a closer peep at the mystery critter. Some one suggested that he may be an otter, are they endangered?
He doesn't appear to have any ears, a kind of canine face and some good sharp claws, so he could be an otter.

I'm looking forward to getting this one finished, so much so that I am planning it's replacement.

You can see that here. Yes I know, it's very reminiscent of a HAED which I started some years ago, but I've finally admitted to myself that I will never finish that one, but still love the design, so I'll settle for the next best thing. Any hoo, I have all of the threads and beads gathered together now and also splashed out on a piece of hand dyed aida. I also have my clients unfinished piece to get done, though it isn't calling to me.

All this cross stitch has had me lurking at a couple of cross stitch Yuku BBs in particular the Mirabilia and L&L sites. I used to be active on both boards, until I was stolen away by quilting! LOL I did remain semi active on this board, in order to meet the girls for live chat now and again. As you may have guessed I've been poking about in my cross stitch stash and have one or three plans up my sleeve. The fan quilt caught my eye when I was putting some things away yesterday, so it may get a look in soon too.

Thank you for the birthday wishes and all the kind and happy thoughts, I really do appreciate them.


Miss 376 said...

Looking at it now, look like a seal pup.
Look forward to seeing the other animals appear

Julz said...

Hi Lou
The cross stitch is looking great, your mystery critter sure is a mystery - like Miss 376 said - it could be a seal pup, doesn't look like an otter to me LOL, hope you had a lovely birthday - had a sneak look at the next cross stitch you are planning on starting - does look gorgeous and so different from your endangered critters - my theory is you can never have TOO many projects on the go :) Hugs Jx

Janet said...

I was going to say the same thing, how about a seal pup? They are furry..and I believe mostly white..(used to be a cartoon show about one) I believe they are hunted for their fur. It looks great anyway Loulee!

Lorraine said...

I am thinking seal pup as well!

Ginnie said...

What a cute piece of stitching, I look forward to seeing the progress.

Lurline's Place said...

Good to see you stitching away!
Hugs - Lurline.