Friday, 22 August 2008

Today will be a good day.

Yesterday was a good day too. Moya and Lauren came to see me. They stayed nearly all day. Moya brought her collection of Kokeshi and Japanese Doll fabrics. You remember how single minded she gets when collecting fabrics right?

I didn't count them, so I have no idea how many there are. She is wanting to make something for her older daughters room, which she has recently redecorated. There is already a Kokeshi doll quilt and pillow cases and a Kokeshi rug which she bought ready made. Moya was hoping something in her collection would go in there too. I think she needs to shift focus away from the dolls and collect a few of the co ordinating fabrics. They are so beautiful though, I tried to swipe a few but she noticed! LOL

I didn't get loads of stitching done, but I did do some, my butterflies are nearly finished, in fact if Hunney hadn't taken me out for dinner I think it would be ready for the next step today.

I plan to make it into a little bag, nothing flash, just a little draw string bag, it will become a part of a Christmas gift, and that's all I'll say cause I'm not sure if the intended recipient reads my blog, she has been invited to do so.

These pretty butterflies will be used as the back of the bag and I have some plain black to line it with.

Knowing that she was coming I bought Lauren a cake making kit from the supermarket. We got busy and made tiny little muffins. Lauren enjoyed the whole experience. At home she cannot see into the oven and loved sitting here on my kitchen floor looking in and seeing them rise. She thought they might escape from their little cases. Once they had cooled we made icing using the powder provided in the packet.

Then Lauren very carefully added sprinkles and stars also provided.

One plate full of of very pretty very PINK cakes.

While Lauren was busy with those, her mother was also busy, putting this little applique project together. She saw this in a magazine and just had to do it. There are supposed to be bushes under the tree, well, first there were and then there weren't, then there were, then.........

The next thing which caused big sighs was the eyes, they were very bright, I have to agree that white eyes were not going to work. We went diving through my drawers and came up with a few alternatives.
Then found the perfect replacement. The pattern even provided perfect pairs of eyes! LOL

Between them they kept me so busy I didn't have time to mope.

As I said before, Hunney took me out for dinner, we went to the take away shop on the corner and had the great British favorite, Fish and Chips. We ate them out of the paper just there on the town square as we watched the practices for the Manx Grand Prix. Yep, more motorcycle racing. One of my colleagues has a particular interest in this event, her husband races in it each year. We saw him in fact, very difficult to miss a Kawasaki green bike.

Today I'm on a late shift, I don't start work until 3pm. Today is going to be a good day. I'll finish the butterflies, then maybe I'll make them into a bag.

I notice on some blogs the owner writes every day about something she has to be happy about, I think that's a good idea for me too. Does three a day sound achievable?

1) A dear sister and a sweet niece.

2) A good man in my life.

3) Warm words from people who care.

I wish you all a good day.


Ann J said...

Sounds like you had a fun day! So pleased to read that you are feeling a bit more upbeat ! ...Luv AJ

Ali Honey said...

Beautiful butterflies! Fancy pink cakes! A really cute wee niece. Lucky you. So glad you had a good day. I did too!

Stephanie said...

Lots of goodies to share...darling niece. I can see why you'd want to swipe some of your sister's great fabrics!!! Someone is going to be very lucky go get the gorgeous bag you're making.

Ginnie said...

Cakes look yummy!
Thanks for visiting my blog - sorry it meant you went out spending on the Cross Stitcher Mag!! Blog reading makes me spend more too!!

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely day. Look forward to seeing the butterflies made into a bag, they look gorgeous

Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a great day! The cupcakes look yummy and the owls are adorable. :o)