Thursday, 28 August 2008

Up and down days.

Today was a not bad day. I worked with a wonderful colleague who is always upbeat and cheerful. She knows I'm going through some sh!t at the moment and is very attentive to my mood.
I have the morning off tomorrow and my sister Moya will be here with the lovely Lauren, I think we'll make cookies. That will be a good day.

Staying with the good stuff, I spent some time with Hunney in the study the other night, I found it difficult to settle again, (I think I need a different seat) but I did get the polar bear finished and put in most of his back stitch. I did it as instructed, but may go back and rip it out to replace it with something paler, we'll see.

Maybe once I get the rest of the people done and they are all back stitched it won't look so odd. Next up some leaves and the rest of the Panda.

I read about this book on one of the cross stitch blogs I visit and had to have a peep. So here's my copy, it arrived today. There are some beautiful patterns and ideas, not at all cross stitchy, even the quilters can have fun with this book. There are pears, bears, cats and strawberries, some very pretty and dainty stitchery ideas and a wonderful little pincushion which I'll HAVE to make.
The first thing I'm going to make is some of those pretty bags as Christmas gifts. I just ordered a whole bunch of handles and I plan to use these fabrics.

And these appliques which Moya found for me on Etsy. (Sorry the pictures are a bit dark, I was at my sewing table in the window, you'd think they would be fine.) I think they will be divine popped onto the fronts of the bags as little pockets or simply as pretty pictures.

I may even have to make one for me. A girl can never have too many bags.
The butterfly mandala is almost a bag, I just need to find some ribbon to finish it.
I've got another little cross stitch on the way, it's the winter village scene I showed a couple of posts back. I forgot to take a picture of that, maybe next time.
Speaking off cross stitch, thats what I'm off to do for an hour.
Things to be grateful for.
1) Sunshine.
2) Spotty Bananas
3) An exciting new project book.


Anonymous said...

Your stitching is coming along very beautifully on this piece.

blackbearcabin said...

Don't ya just love curling up with a new craft book :)
i ordered a new crazy quilt stitches book...cant wait to get it, but i ordered it with something on back order, so i guess i will have to wait! :(
Your color choices for the bags with the appliques are going to be lovely!

Miss 376 said...

The applique will look great, they are really pretty. Enjoy your baking tomorrow

Ali Honey said...

Oh I agree with # 1 and 3 but you may have #2 ALL TO YOURSELF.

Happy sewing. Chin Up !!!

Lynda said...

Look forward to seeing the embroideries on bags. they are lovely. (By the way, where did you find sunshine to be grateful for? We've had nothing but grey cloud here for several days!)

Linda said...

Your xstitch is coming along so well Lou, and what pretty fabrics for the bags. You'll love the book, it's jam packed with lovely projects. I'm waiting on the Christmas one to arrive.