Thursday, 7 May 2009

Lost again!

As seems usual at the moment, my other life is getting in the way of my needles. Working as I do in the health care industry the current situation means that there have been extra meetings to discuss the possibilities and our strategy for coping should a pandemic arise. Being the Health and Safety person for my place of work it has also meant a lot of extra work for me. The next few days should hopefully bring a brief respite to all the dashing about, as I have 2 late shifts, hopefully quiet evenings where I can get plenty of paperwork done, before taking 4 days off. Yippee. I do have plans for some of that time, but hope to get time for some sewing too.
Speaking of sewing, here's a peep at the fans in their current home, I see them every time I walk up and down the stair. They have been in this position for over a week now and I'm tempted to refold them and look at a different bit for a while. That has to be a good sign.
Maybe I'll get one of the kids to help me at the weekend.
A pal of mine (No Blog) asked me to post some pictures of my knitting even though I had said there isn't much to see at the moment. So here you go, just a few more rows before I start shaping the shoulders on the back.

And here's the front. It's been a quick knit, and I've enjoyed it. I know I seem to have been going for a while, but considering I have done barely half an hour a day, sometimes less, it really hasn't taken long.

It looks like my morning off today is going to be taken up with chores, some shopping and the all important paddle around the sitting room on the rowing machine. How's that going? Well either my tape measure is stretching or I'm still getting smaller! I've given up hopping onto the scales every week, cause they don't seem to change. I stuck a calendar up on the wall of my walk in and have been recording numbers every Monday, and since I ditched the scales in favour of a measuring tape, those numbers are getting smaller every week.
One thing I want to get done over the weekend is to get plenty of Veggie soups made. Each day for lunch I've been having Veggie soup and a fat free yogurt. I'm sure that has made a difference too. So I'm on the look out for tasty soup recipes. I just tried sweetcorn, that was yummy and I'll be making it again. I'll be making a batch of carrot and celery over the weekend and another batch of carrot and lentil. I'll freeze it all into Loulee size portions then all I have to do is grab it from the freezer before heading off to work. No messing about making sandwiches or a salad box and no concerns about it sloshing over in my bag either. I leave it on the work top in the kitchen and by lunchtime it just needs to be heated in the micro or a pan for a few minutes and I'm sorted. Whats your favorite veggie soup and will you share the recipe with me?
I'm off to boogie behind the vacuum cleaner.
1) Lost inches.
2) Quick knits.
3) 170 days to NZ


Ali Honey said...

Well done with the exercise and lost inches.

From necessity at the moment we are having lots of Pumpkin soup ( we grew loads of them )
Quantities don't matter too much - but for a whole pumpkin I lightly fry 2 finely chopped onions in a tad of oil. Blend in a heaped teaspoon of ground cummin. Add the peeled, cubed pumpkin and 1 cup boiling water with 2 teaspoons of powdered chicken stock in it.
Cook till soft( adding more water to your preferred consistency. ) Blend till smooth. Garnish with parsley or similar. Sour cream is nice but not essential.

Miss 376 said...

It's amazing how much those odd few rows add up. I love the colour.

How about sweet potato or butternut squash and chilli

jannimary said...

Well done with the inches. You will have to share your favourite soup recipe. The knitting is progressing well.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Yumm! Veggie soups!! My fave in the cooler months!
I make a mean spicy pumpkin soup - and my kids actually love it and they hate pumpkin, so it must be good. ;-)
Just cook a few cups of assorted veggies, and lots of pumpkin and onions in a pot of chicken stock. Add garlic and a large can of tomatoes. Simmer for an hour, then let it go to room temperature. Add a couple of tablespoons of curry paste, juice of a lemon, 1/2 cup light coconut milk, and a chopped bunch of coriander. Puree the lot.
Heat and eat! It freezes really well too - and there are hardly any calories!

I love the quilt, it's just beautiful!