Saturday, 9 May 2009

I quilted, AGAIN!!

Although I didn't achieve everything I mentioned in my list yesterday, I did get most of it done, and I quilted, again. Do you remember Joes Dragon Flames?
Well, they have been reborn as icicles. Totally unimpressed with my efforts at whirling snowflakes I was wondering what to do when I remembered Joes flames.
As I was sewing merrily away, altogether much happier, I thought perhaps I should be using an icy cold blue thread, but never mind, I have icicles. Today I plan to make a pieced binding from the left over Navy blues and get that on. Then this evening I get to do a coziness test on the pop bottles as I close it up.
This is the first of my four days off work, because I did chores yesterday and Thursday, I don't have lots left to do. Today is the ever present laundry, scoot to the post office and grab the groceries, and a quick paddle on the rowing machine. Once that is done my time is my own.
I'm sure Joe will want to bake a cake or some cookies or something, so I'll keep an ear on him while I play at the sewing table.
OK, so I'm off to read some blogs while I wait for the washing machine.
1) Days off.
2) Nobody else is up yet.
3) 168 days.


Miss 376 said...

Enjoy your days off. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself with the quilting today

Lurline said...

Oh, I'm naughty - seems ages since I visited - I'm turning over a new leaf! Glad you have some days free to yourself - maybe next week I will!
Hygs - Lurline♥