Tuesday, 26 May 2009

In Case You're Wondering.

I haven't forgotten about going private, I plan to do it maybe tomorrow or the day after, I'll see what time I have. Thank you for all your requests to be included. There is only one person who I don't have an address for. Sew Wilde, you are a no reply blogger and I have no way to contact you.
I noticed a few bloggers are sharing their work spaces at the moment and decided that as I don't have much to show stitchy wise I would join in. My cross stitch corner has been removed from the study, I really can't settle up there and, well I haven't done any cross stitch for a while, I need to find a way to include it again. Here is my chair and table squished into a corner of the dining room. Right by the window though, so lots of natural light. Perfect.
Do an about face and you see my chest, this houses all of my fabrics and there are any manner of bits and pieces in the top drawer, threads, buttons, ribbons and trims. The top as you see has my tool mug, with pens, pencils and cutters etc, there is also the home network router and the phones. The plastic jars are money boxes, the green one holds over £100 when filled up with change.

Like my sewing table, the chest gets used as a dumping ground, by pretty much everyone. Today my table is not too bad, but I will have to tidy it up a bit, that grey fabric is a pair of trousers belonging to someone at work, I said I would shorten them this morning. Under them is my collection of denim, for the circle quilt. My lovely silver machine. The red box is a tool box, it has threads, needles, scissors all kinds of stuff inside, same as the top drawer really! Hidden by the pile of denim is a pile of work stuff which needs to go to the office, Joes ear phones and the book I keep for my regular flights to attend meetings and training at regional office.

On the floor under the table you see the red box which holds all of my scraps. It's nearly full and the little brown basket beside it holds my collection of batiks. And of course I have the best seat in the house, right in a bay window, shame the only thing I can see is rooftops.
I have managed to get a little stitching done. Here's Joy from the Christmas Wishes BOM. I just got started on Hope, well it's in the hoop, that's a start.
I've got quite a lot to do today, the first load of laundry is done, another one is going around and around as I type. I need to fix those trousers, get everything ready for the office tomorrow. I may give the rowing machine a miss as I actually did two walks yesterday, one with a service user at work and another later on with Hunney.
I'd better whizz around with a duster and tidy the sitting room too. I really like my late shifts, I get loads done.
1) Quick little stitchery projects.
2) Warm sunny days.
3) A late shift.


Miss 376 said...

When I worked shifts, I prefered the afternoon shift. Plenty of time to get things done and much better than a night shift. Hope you have a good day today

Cardygirl said...

Thanks for sharing your sewing space...nice to see where we create!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the tour of your workspace, I love seeing how other organize their workspace.

Can't remember if I requested the password or not so if just in case, can I have it please

Sew Wilde said...

Sorry about that. Email addy is juliebadoolie@sbcglobal.net


angelstar said...

Hey loulee. Thank you for sharing your sewing space. :) Great job on the Joy as well.

Jamie (angelstar)

Tracey said...

Your sewing space is full of natual light how wonderful for you, at present mine is all in my lounge,
Im very behind with my blog due to decorating and my garden keeping me so busy,
Love your sewing project you are doing.

Take care

Gina E. said...

It is great to see your work on the Christmas blocks, as I think you are ahead of my friend Sharon who is doing the same BOM. I have just given her a selection of Christmas fabrics which I had lying around, and she will use some of them for making up her quilt when the time comes.
I didn't know you'd gone 'private' until I clicked on your link on a comment on my blog, and when the blogger screen appeared I wondered if I'd be able to go any further, and here I am. Thanks for approving me! I enjoy visiting.