Monday, 25 May 2009

Must dash.

It's been a busy weekend, I feel like I didn't get much done on the needles front, but when I got the camera out this morning, I realised I was wrong.
I finished Merry and started Joy yesterday morning. I can still remember how to do French knots, but I really need to practice my Lazy Daisy's.

It was my weekend to work, so very little was done on Saturday, but I managed to get all of this done yesterday morning, before Hunney suggested going out for a while.
We took a drive out to Peel. Where we had lunch and a stroll along the prom with an ice cream before only just getting me to work on time, we cut it so close Hunney had to come home after he had dropped me off to collect my hairbrush and a bobble and bring them back to work!
On Friday I went out to get the grocery shopping and as I went in through the door of the Co-op I caught a waft of a wonderful scent and just had to buy the flowers which go with it. I love Stocks and just couldn't resist.

I had a wonderful phone call last night, Janice is here on the island and we're going to meet up next week. Unfortunately my crazy work schedule means we can't get together before then. I'm glad she will be here for 3 weeks. We have agreed to meet on my office day, so I can show her where the Craft shop is in Onchan and that day gives me more flexibility so we may get lunch in too.
Speaking of work, that's where I'm off to in just a few moments. I just had to grab time to post this morning, I'm so excited about meeting Janice.
1) New Friends.
2) Sunny Days with Hunney
3) Quick Stitches.


Miss 376 said...

My mum loved the smell of stocks. Looks like you packed a lot in yesterday. Hope they are kind to you at work today

Cardygirl said...

I love stocks...your stitcheries are lovely!