Monday, 4 May 2009


Living on an island it's inevitable that sooner or later the lifeboat is called out. I just happened to be on the break water today when we saw the boat returning. I've seen her put to sea many times, but never been around as she is retrieved and brought up the beach.
Not the greatest of pictures, I only had my phone with me as I was out with a service user and allegedly working. (Yep I get paid to walk about on sunny days and eat ice cream!!)
The life boat was run ashore and the tractor towed her a little way up the beach.
Then the tractor collected a trailer and hoisted her onto that........
Before finally pushing her up the rest of the beach and onto the slip where she was washed off before returning her to the boat house.
Like I said, I only had my phone with me, so not the greatest of pictures, and it was such a bright day I couldn't even see what I had captured until I got back to the unit. Still a fascinating little taste of life surrounded by the sea.
Oh! The gossips tell me it was a yacht with engine trouble and every one is fine.
1) I get paid to do this job!
2) All ashore safely
3) Volunteer crews.

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