Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Peace has been shattered.

Today is officially the first day of the TT Festival. The peace of our little island is gone, over the last week more and more motor cycles have been arriving here on the island as well as countless camper vans and touring vans. Huge vans carrying mobile workshops and little vans held together with bodge it tape and a prayer. The participants of the races ride machines in similar states, from those with official sponsors and flashy paint jobs to the little privateer outfits, sponsored by a mate and ridden with love. Any one who knows anything about motor cycle racing has heard of the Isle of Man TT. If you want to know more......Look Here.
The other kind of Peace, is complete. I am now up to date on Gail Pans BOM Christmas Wishes. I've put all the parts away in a box for now and will get back to them later this year. In the mean time I'll continue to collect the parts as Gail publishes them.
So, that done I pulled out another project box. Cheryl's Verandah Views. I had already completed the first part, 'Under the Willow' .
I had 'Bath time' all prepped ready to go and once I had completed that this morning, I traced and prepped the next three parts. 'The Buffet, Bed and Breakfast and Fowl Play'. Like Christmas Wishes, the next part is due to be released very soon, but I'll save it and just complete these three for now.
If you hadn't guessed I'm really enjoying stitching these little projects.
Today, like yesterday we have scorching sun shine here on the island, good for motor cycle racing! Good for me too. I've been walking instead of rowing around my sitting room, but as usual I forgot to take my camera. Maybe I'll remember to take it with me later.
1) Sun shine.
2) Hunney and I have days off together.
3) All the chores are done.

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