Friday, 8 May 2009

Slowing down a bit today.

Well I ran around like a fly in a bottle yesterday and got loads done,
I dusted and vacuumed the whole lower floor, upstairs can wait!!
I Stripped off and remade my bed. I did two loads of laundry, the ironing can wait!
I rowed around the sitting room and ran down the street.
I even had time to do a little knitting before going to work. I finished the back of Joes sweater and cast on a sleeve. Phew!
While I was knitting I was plotting todays course of action.
Read blogs and leave comments!! All too often lately I've not had time to read more than a couple of your blogs, and no time to comment, especially if I want to read more!
I also want to get a binding made and possibly onto the Winter Pinwheels Quilt, after the addition of some simple snow flake quilting.
Thanks to Rose Marie, I've decided that I'll leave that wide white border alone, no applique.
It struck me while I was thinking about that quilt, you haven't seen the back, I mentioned that it is pieced from some left overs. Here's DD Kay modelling it for me.
Cute isn't she? LOL I also forgot to tell you, I used the Dream Green wadding in this. The one made from recycled pop bottles. It is wonderfully soft and very easy to quilt, even in my little machine, it scrunched up beautifully and popped out the other side no bother. Like warm and natural, it has plenty of 'grab' I used loads of pins, but didn't bother basting. I would definitely use it again. Well you know me, I love to reuse and recycle.
After all my humming and hawing, the fan quilt made it onto the bed yesterday! I'm going to sleep under it, not sit and look at it all night! I decided to stop being such a wuss and get on with it. I still didn't make a label though, do I change the name or leave it as 'I'm No Fan of This One'? Or words of that effect. As I took this picture this morning I had to admit to myself that, it looks good and I am proud of it.

This is what came off the bed. Hunney bought this for me about 5-6 years ago. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and had to have it.

It's not really showing it's true colours in this photo, it is darker and much richer in real life. It's quite a heavy quilt, the fabrics are velvet and brocades, upholstery weight rather than light cottons. It is a lovely quilt for winter though and I love it.
So, whats in store for me today? Lots of reading and commenting.
A little practice at quilting snowflakes, and if I'm happy with them, some real quilting of snowflakes.
More laundry, but no ironing.
Piecing of some navy blue binding, and if there is still time, I'll attach it too.
A paddle around the sitting room, though I may shorten that today.
A few rows of knitting before going to work.
Thank you to everyone who sent me soup recipes and suggestions, I have them all safely saved and will try them out, though some will have to wait for the right season if I'm going to use local produce.
1) Yummy recipes.
2) Inspiration.
3) Automatic Washing Machines.


Lynda said...

Glad to hear your comments about Dream Green. I love Warm and Natural especially for the way it 'grabs' the top and backing - I need all the help I can get with my layering up! I would like to try something recycled and will look out for it.

Stephanie said...

I am glad for the batting review. I've seen in but have not tried it yet. I have some bamboo I'm going to try in a baby quilt. Your fan quilt looks very lovely.

Miss 376 said...

The fan quilt looks lovely on the bed. Hope sleeping with it will make you fall in love with it. Hope you enjoy getting the things on your list done

Stina said...

Love to see that your Fan quilt is finished.. congratulations.. it looks wonderful!! :o)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Nice to hear about the pop bottle wadding and that you liked it. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that.

Love the quilt on your bed...those fans are great.

Ikle.Kaiy said...

Yeah cute..... all you can see of me is a pair of brown timberlands and grey trousers... yeah 5 ft 1 and "cute" LOL