Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Well Hopefully.......

Fingers and toes and legs and everything crossed, I just went private!
If I did it right, you got an email from me inviting you to read my blog. I sent invites to everyone on my reading list and a few people who are followers. I have to admit, there are one or two people who I just couldn't get an address for, hopefully in time if they wish to be included Ill find a way to reach them.
Some of you may wonder why you received an invite, well, if I read your blog, it's only fair you should be able to see me. I may not comment very often, or at all in some cases, but I'm there, lurking.....
Please enjoy my blog and thank you for visiting.
Continuing with the theme of HOPE, here's more Hope. I completed the next part of the Christmas Wishes BOM. Peace is now in the hoop and on the way.
I had forgotten that I have a Doctors appointment today, so I have the morning off from my office job and because its a girly appointment, I may take the afternoon off too, it depends on how I feel afterwards.
Because neither of us had to be at work early today I actually got to say hello to my Hunney this morning. That was nice. We had tea together before he went off to start work at 10am. I've had a peaceful morning finishing Hope and now I'm off for a soak in the tub.
1) Morning tea with Hunney.
2) Time to relax.
3) Another small finish.


Tozz said...

Hi Loulee
I have accepted your invite and have looked at your blog and will visit
often. Like you I lurk a lot and will comment now and again. Look forward to
reading more of your blog when I have a bit of time.
take care

Lorraine said...

thanks for the invitation to your blog....I have been a bad blog reader lately....too much else going on - hope the doctor's appointment went ok....!! sounds like you had a lovely start to the day spending a bit of time together before work.....always nice.......I am on holidays from work but can't seem to settle to getting anything much done.......but have a few more days off so may get some stitching done.....! thanks again for the invitation to read your blog...would have missed you!

Shiree said...

Hi Lou,
thank you so much for the invitation to your blog, I am a lurker also...I will look forward to popping over here more often then. SO you coming to NZ for a holiday?

Miss 376 said...

Thanks Loulee, invitation received and accepted. You seem to be flying with these BOM's

Ann J said...

Hi Loulee!! Thanks for the invite, great to know I'll still be able to keep up with your news :-) Luv........AJ

Jeanne said...

Hi Lou!
I made it through the invitation into your new blog -- thanks for having me! :)
Good luck at the doctor -- take the afternoon off and pamper yourself!

Kerry said...

It was a lovely privelege to receive your invite, and yes I am here. And in case you haven't, can I invite you to join in my giveaway which is closing soon.

angelstar said...

Hi Loulee. Thanks for the invite. I'm also glad that I could keep up with your blog. Talk to you soon.

Jamie (angelstar)

Ali Honey said...

Hi Lou,
Thanks, I will continue visiting. Hope your appointment went okay. Hugs from NZ , Ali.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thanks for the's so special, like being part of a private girls club!! Wondering if I should bring tea and scones, fresh cream and jam?! ;-)
Your HOPE block is veeerrrry pretty! I am two blocks behind on mine!

AnnieO said...

Very pleased to be included in the invite--I have enjoyed reading your blog these last 6-8 months and would miss going along with you on your walks and rows and work adventures, hearing about Hunney and your offspring--thanks for sharing!

Rowyn said...

Thanks for the invite :-) Glad I can continue to read your blog.

Hope your girly appointment went well.

Janet said...

Thanks Lou for the invite.. I have been amiss about responding. I was wondering why you needed to go private?

I hope things are well.. we missed you in chat, and I know I missed a few..hectic times all around!

sewkalico said...

Hi Loulee, sorry it's been a while. I'm back now so hope to keep in touch. OF course my blog reader is a bit like our 3 month pile of mail: bursting at the seams, but I'll get there soon I'm sure. Hope you are well, xka