Tuesday, 1 September 2009


After three days of quilting, today I put the binding onto the Welsh Jellies quilt. I could have had the quilting completed yesterday, but chose to watch the F1 GP, the time wasn't totally wasted, while I watched I tidied and buried the quilting threads I had so far and this morning I finished the quilting. Just before lunch I had time to make and apply the binding.
This afternoon I'm sat below the window, listening to what you see here, while I tidy up the last of the quilting threads,
and close up the binding, I'm not quite half way done with that. I can think of no better place to be today, with howling winds and lashing rain,
curling up under a new quilt is a good place to be, it's getting it's first official snuggle test. As you see I had not quite enough of the rose bud fabric for the back and had to subsidise it with another fabric, but that's ok; I think they look nice together.
In between rows of quilting this morning I also talked to my sister in law Lee on Skype, Hunney got to talk to his bro too. Hi Guys. (Waving to you) I sent them a link to the blog so that they could see what I'm up to. In just 54 more days I'll be on my way to basking in NZ sunshine rather than yucky British rain.
1) An excuse to stay home and sew.
2) Almost finished.
3) Somewhere cosy to sit.


Miss 376 said...

Certainly the best place to be, nice and warm

Shiree said...

well, what a good place to be on such a miserable day! Your quilt is looking so good, and the count down is on huh 'til you arrive in this marvelous country that I call home, YAY!!

anne bebbington said...

You're so right - there really is no better place to be on a rainy day than under a quilt hand stitching the binding - very therapeutic! Quilt looks lovely too :o)

jannimary said...

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a wet day. You look very settled.

Cardygirl said...

Nice pics...amazing rain!

black bear cabin said...

You guys looks super cozy at home enjoying some of your favorite hobbies! There's nothing like working on a quilt for yourself...oh wait...how would i know...i never keep any of mine :) doh! i think i will keep my next project though!

Ali Honey said...

Yikes; I hope there is some sunshine over here when you arrive!

Allie said...

Look at that rain!!!!! Oh my! Yes, you're in the best place you can be under that quilt. I love the fabric you chose on the back!