Sunday, 31 January 2010

More Stars.

I had a long but good shift at work today. When I finished at three Tony and DS Joe collected me and we went to see my Bro. Poor Tony has had to wait nearly a month for his birthday gift, it got held up over Christmas, then held up again by the snow. But finally it has arrived. Something almost every man would give his left arm for. A beer fridge! Well most blokes need their right arm to hold their pint. LOL It's not technically a beer fridge as it has The Magners Cider logo painted on it. I bought the fridge and my big bro stocked it for him, though he did point out that it is a one time only deal.
After a hurried shopping trip, Tony got it set up while I made a quick tea, then I was able to get back to my scraps box. Here we have the next round of pieces to make Sixteen more scrappy stars.
I'll get them made, then delve in the box again and come up with another lot. These blocks are working out at eight inches finished size, so if you didn't guess already, I'm going for a BIG quilt here. (Lets see the snoring bed hog steal all of this one.) The scraps box is now devoid of fabrics suitable for use as the back grounds though, I had to dip in to my real stash for that this evening. Maybe that's not such a bad thing! I'm off to sew for a half hour, before I go to bed.
Take care


Gina said...

Bet you he does hog it all. I think it's a man thing

Love and hugs Gina xxx

AnnieO said...

Well that's an unusual gift but sure to be appredicated by the beer lover!

Your scrappy stars look great. I always have trouble with having plenty of background fabrics and when I hit the remnant bins at the fabric store, that is always what I look for.

Annemariesquilt said...

Hi nice to hear from you. Your starquilt is comming alomg nicely and will be looking forward to it grow!!
Are you still having snow around your place? We have lots of it and it is still comming down more ;-))

Janice said...

You'll just have to nick in next door to find more shirts for backings.
I bet Tony was chuffed with his gift...especially as it was filled.