Sunday, 22 August 2010

Festival part two.

More yummyness from the festival of quilts. This was a small quilt in the European section. I love it and have some very similar fabric pieces thanks to Shirley. Now I have plans for at least one piece. :-)
Another European piece, log cabin fish, so bright and cheerful.
Mum was very taken with this one and demanded that I take a photo. It is pretty.
This wedding dress was almost hidden away among other pieces, I had to stick the camera in between it's neighbours in order to get this image. The front was pretty too, but it was this detail that really caught my eye and my heart.
A prize winning piece from a youngster. I don't know why, but any images of St Basil's always capture my attention. Maybe I was a Czarina in a past life! LOL
Another of the European pieces, some beautiful 3D roses.
This image really does no justice to the quilt. The colours were different, but for some reason there is a distinct yellow hue to this. I spent a while just looking here, up close and from this vantage point. All beautifully appliqued by hand, and look at all those tiny geese.
You know I'm a sucker for blue.
That blur belongs to my sisters shoulder! Practically the only time we saw them out of the airport! LOL
Another image taken just for mum! She's a sucker for wildlife.
That's it, that's all of my photos. I did take a few more, but for what ever reason they didn't turn out. Ali was asking why so many Kiwi quilts. Well lets face it NZ is a beautiful and inspiring part of the world, also the Kiwi people are so friendly and willing to give and swap their stash and to help out in any way they can, it's really no wonder there are lots of Kiwi inspired quilts out there. Looking at the details in the program it would seem that many local people have visited and shopped or made friends with people from NZ then been inspired to go on and make a quilt. If you remember I brought home 3 kits and lots of FQs. Hmmmm, that reminds me.........
Moving swiftly on, mum bought quite a bit of fabric at the festival, but she doesn't quilt. She took it home to play for a day or two and has now brought it to me along with instructions. I'll show pictures of that next time. Back to cell phone images though as I returned my brothers camera yesterday. Speaking of yesterday. I didn't get any quilting done. I managed to sort out a back and get Madeline's hat layered but not pinned or quilted. I had another job interview at short notice. I have to say, I wasn't impressed. Sigh......


Janice said...

Got to love your Mum. Can't have you idle now. LOL
Thanks for sharing the rest of your quilt photos.
Good luck with the interview.

QuiltSue said...

Thanks for the show of photos. Those little flying geese were tiny - I can't imagine ever making (or even wanting to make) something that small.

As for interviews, at least you are having them even if you're not so interested in the job, and that alone seems to be quite an achievemnet these days.