Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A Little progress.

I made a little progress yesterday, but stopped to go out for a walk as it was so hot, standing over the iron was no fun at all.
I'll get on and do more today though it doesn't feel any cooler.
I had my phone in my pocket and thought I'd let you have a peep along the way. I went into the nature reserve again, remember the one which used to be a landfill site, with the river along side?
I took a round trip and on the way back I walked along the old railway lines.
Can you tell that's what it used to be? LOL I think I have mentioned that part of that walk also passes through some old allotments, well I saw an apple tree laden with fruit, plum trees, cherry trees and gooseberry bushes, the birds were having a feeding frenzy. My poor cell phone didn't manage to capture any decent pictures of any of that. :-(
Speaking of pictures, my big brother has loaned me his camera to take along to Birmingham for the Quilt Festival on Thursday. I heart my big bruv!
Time to go and sew.


AnnieO said...

Progress is progress! I like that star pattern with the stretched look. Your walk sounds nice even with the heat and lack of excellent camera! Will look forward to pics of the quilt show.

Stina said...

Love your stars... and the Manx weapon at your sidebar... :o)) Might have to make one for myself too..:O))

QuiltSue said...

Have a great time at FoQ.

Annabelle said...

Stumbled upon your site while looking for inspiration for my new crafting and blogging site (annabelleserendipity.blogspot.com) and was so happy to find you. Thanks for the inspiration.