Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Oh! Bu&&ar!

I spent a lot of time yesterday sewing away on my shirty stars, and at times it seemed that I spent almost as much time unsewing it to fix mistakes. So this one stays! I only spotted it as I laid out the finished piece, and I can't be bothered picking the seams to fix it! I can't believe I missed it when I was pressing the seams!
One more seam to go here.
It's currently hanging on the airer awaiting a border. Joe and I planned two, the first made out of yet more shirts. I have some plain blue shirts to chop up today and if I get that done, I have a piece of darker patterned blue fabric that I hope will look good as an outer border. While I was dreaming about how best to quilt this one I got to dreaming about owning one of these, so I sent a linky to Santa.........
He didn't say no.
In less than 24 hours I'll be at the Festival of Quilts! :-)
Mother is picking me up at 5am. :-(


Miss 376 said...

I was looking at things like that one evening last week, lol. I'll keep dreaming a little longer. Enjoy your trip and have a safe journey

Jenny said...

See you at the NEC then :-)

Ali Honey said...

So are you going to get one? I haven't seen that model. I would want to see it demonstrated first, then there would be the problem of where to put it. BUT there is no harm in dreaming.

QuiltSue said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time at FoQ

Jewells said...

Sounds like what I said when I made the error with the jumper...three days later I went back, unpulled it and redid it...have you redone your quilt error?...or is it your "Amish" quilt(... (as they always, on purpose, make and error in every quilt)...cheers

Gari said...

I do hope that Santa heard you and comes through. It is a lot of fun to quilt that way.