Saturday, 23 October 2010

Another busy day!

And lots of pictures to share too.
While my baking was in the oven, I remembered to spread out some of the mats I made and get some pictures of them. Here you see the off white side.
And the darker back, or second side.
I didn't really like the fabric which is why I choose it to use as backs, but now that I see it in smaller pieces,
It's not so bad.
There are two like this, with a lily in the centre.
I made two more Christmas gifts. I just need some more of that lovely blue ribbon. The bow that is there is not staying, I was just making sure I had the right colour. Sorry about the picture quality, Tony has the camera and I used my phone.
Before I did any of that! These guys were in the oven. That pie made it into the freezer, but we had the cheese and onion quiche for our dinner.
Two boxes of bite sized 'Pie Burgers' made it into the freezer. They will be nice in lunch boxes.
Last but not least. I bought this flower and fern while I was out with Mum on Wednesday, yesterday I shortened the flower stem and to help them play nicely I wired their stems together.
If I add some Christmas baubles to that big vase, I think I'll have a beautiful new decoration.
Phew, after all of that I sat with my knitting watching TV with Hunney. I don't know how much time I'll get to play today, we need to get grocery shopping and then DD Kay her boyfriend and his folks are all coming for dinner. I'd better get myself dressed and moving.

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Miss 376 said...

Lovely to be able to choose which side you will use with the placemats
I have to put baking in the oven if I want it to last, once the boys see it, it's gone