Friday, 29 October 2010

Another busy day.

I think I may have discovered the problem with my quilting! My walking foot fell apart yesterday, more than once. In the end I went digging through Tony's tool box for a pair of pliers and gave it a good squeeze. It behaved perfectly after that, and there were no more tucks and folds appearing. Hm...... The quilt stays as it is. That's it there on the arm of the sofa, I put the binding on yesterday after I had repaired the walking foot, all it needs now is for me to trim off the edges of the batting and the back, then sit and close it up.
But that's not why I took this photograph. This foot stool belonged to my Mums Father. It has definitely seen better days, between my ex husband and my father it really is worse for wear. And there are one or two stains that I can't get off that cover, goodness knows what was spilled. I mulled over the idea of stripping off the green cover and putting something new on, but in the end I went for the far simpler option of making a slip cover that just goes over the top of everything.

If there are any more spills, (or if it takes on the aroma of teen aged feet. EEEW!) I can simply pull it off and give it a wash. If those pleats don't start to hang nicely soon I'll give it a wash anyway and press them in while it is still damp.
Speaking of damp, who ordered torrential rain? I don't think I'll be going far today.
It's a good day to stay indoors and play with a new project. I could play with Mums elephants, or my charming Figgy stars. I couldn't resist having a play yesterday while I waited for my Hunney to come home.
I'm off to see what inspires me.


Kris said...

Love that slip cover. Brilliant idea! It has rained here today too.

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely transformation on the stool. Totally with you on teenage feet!

Gari said...

Hey, I have a footstool that could use a nice cover like that. Want to come over and make one for it? I have been talking about doing it for several years but just put a throw over it and forget it. Bad me!!

AnnieO said...

Glad you figured out what was happening with your walking foot. The quilt will survive and be loved with a tuck or two, absolutely. Great job on your slipcover--tres chic!

QuiltSue said...

The cover for the stool was a brilliant idea, it looks great. As for the last photo, are they going to be snowball blocks?

Lynda said...

The stool looks perfectly elegant now! And playing with a new project is always good for the soul!

quiltygal said...

Hi Lou great idea for the stool ...looks as if I left the UK at the right time with all that rain it was FREEZING my last week in Wales!!