Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I need to shuffle about a bit.

You know how it is when you move the furniture, you never get it right first time. I need to have a rearrange in my sewing room, it just doesn't feel quite right yet. Not today though, I'm off out with Mum.
Yesterday was pretty good. I made up my cushion covers as planned. As I used samples, they are all made from different fabrics.
But I think they work together. I also got on with more of the SSCS gifts, I finished binding the table mats and did some knitting. Oh! and some un knitting. (LOL) I knitted myself a beret a couple of weeks ago, but it came out huge, there was practically room for me to sleep in it. So out it came last night. I'll make the kiddy size and see what happens. It really is a nice pattern and I'm prepared to give it another chance.


Kris said...

Oh I love it when they are all different like that! So much better than matchy matchy! Looks lovely. I love to move things around too. Makes everything feel so much better!

QuiltSue said...

Your cushions all look great together, matching, but not matching.

Janice said...

The fabrics on your cushions compliment each other beautifully. Very stylish.