Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Look Jenny!

I got quite a lot of quilting done on that big quilt yesterday, then decided to take a break from it. I took it down to the sitting room planning to tidy the threads last night while watching TV. More on that later. I felt the urge to start something new.
Do you remember that while we were at the festival of quilts in Birmingham I agreed to make my Mother an elephant quilt? So she bought just about every African animal panel at the show. I finally made a start on her elephant quilt. She purchased a large panel of several Ele's at a watering hole, you can see it down there a bit, I got my pictures in the wrong order as usual. So anyway, see that pretty corner stone on the panel?
It made me think of Shoo-fly blocks, so I made some and plan to incorporate them into the quilt somehow.
Pattern? What pattern? I'm making it up as I go along.
I didn't tidy the threads on the Roses quilt as I planned, instead I sat with my knitting last night. The threads have been taken care of though. I woke up at 3am ish, I gave up and got up at 4am! And spent the next two hours going over the back of the quilt. What a mess, there are a lot of tucks and folds, I'm really not so pleased with myself. They'll stay though, I plan to add some more quilting then get it bound before the week is out and I have to go back to work. Having exhausted my meagre supply of green fabric I'll have to wait for more to arrive before I can make any more shoo-fly blocks, so I guess today I'll be doing some more quilting on the roses. Just the borders left to do.


QuiltSue said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your roses quilt all quilted.

Jenny said...

Hey, elephants at last! Love all that green and brown, sure your mum will be pleased with it!